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Swivel Joints

Swivel Joints

Swivel joint is used in movable pipe systems, like swiveling pipe systems, or loading arms and as reduction of mechanical forces on hose and are an important construction element. Depending on the application more than one canal can be necessary for the inflow and outflow of media. The number of canals can vary from 2 up to 35, separated effectively by seals. Swivel can be used in a system.
We are offering all styles of swivel joints including heavy, light and movable rotary swivel joints. Available in all sizes from Fig 50 to Fig 2202, 15,000 PSI non-stock cold working pressure.

PRI Manufactures all styles of swivel joint to suit various service conditions and installations.
The styles available are Style 10, style 20, style 30, Style 40, Style 50, Style 60, Style 70, Style 80 & Style 100.

  • Swivel Joints from PRI reduce fatigue and stress on hose and transfer systems and improve efficiency of movement.
  • PRI Swivel Joints are designed to sustain repeated twisting moments and to accommodate any swivel action.
  • Our Swivel Joints can be utilized either within rigid articulated piping or in flexible hose systems.
  • Serve as highly efficient plumbing systems as they provide easy connection to hose lines without the need for adapters and the fact that only a small amount of hose is required due to the joints’ high space efficiency.