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Hammer Unions

Hammer Unions

PRI Oil and Gas Pvt. ltd. Hammer unions are manufactured from steel forgings using materials appropriate to specific pressure ratings.
Hammer Unions are designed to enjoin mud tanks instantly without having to deal with the flange connections at all. If the mud tanks are not aligned in the right kind of way necessary hammer unions can still be used in order to make absolutely non-leak seals that are tightened.
The male part is an external threaded portion that is welded on the end of a pipe already connected to a tank wall. The pipe continues further through the nuts towards the O-ring in order to enter into the female part. They are then hammered and tightened together.
Hammer adjustments are the most necessary parts. Unions have a locked up O-ring that is squeezed together into the “D” square cross section area thereby sealing the fluid pressures up to 20000 psi in opposition to the external diameter of the connecting pipe in the hammer unions.


Reference Table:

SIZEUnion figStandard Service (wp)  PSISour Service (wp)  PSI
4” TO 5”50500
1” TO 8” 1001000
UPTO 4”2002000
1” TO 10”2062000
3”,4”,6”,8” & 10”2072000
1” TO 12”40040004000
1” TO 4”6006000
1” TP 4”60260006000
1” TO 6”1002100007500
1” TO 5”1003100007500
5” TO 6”1004100007500
1” TO 6”15021500010000
2” TO 6”200220000
2” TO 6”220220000
  • Starts with quality steel forging made to exacting specifications for the appropriate pressure ratings.
  • All PRI Hammer Unions provide pressure-tight, positive sealing. Types of seals vary according to pressure and application. For 1000 to 2000 psi (low pressure) services, the spherical surface of male sub and the cone shaped surface of the female provide a metal-to-metal seal. For high pressure of 15000 use rubber seal.
  • All PRI Hammer union assemblies of the same figure number, size and pressure rating are inter changeable with similar assemblies made by other leading manufactures.